The reason we started breeding is once we got a mastiff we fell in love with their personality.Breeding mastiffs is not just a hobby for us, it is our passion.Our goal is to produce strong and healthy mastiffs. We strive to produce mastiffs with a great personality and gentle disposition. We breed for quality not quantity. We are not a kennel. We breed only a few times a year. Our mastiffs live in our home with our family. The puppies are in the house and exposed to a variety of things daily. We encourage our puppy buyers to stay in touch and send pictures as their puppy developes. We are always available to answer questions. 
Dave and Tammy

Contact  phone 563-583-4600

You need a good sense of humor, a lot of love, and a fair amount of patience to have a mastiff. Mastiffs bond very strongly with thier families. Changing families can be extremely traumatic for them. A mastiff is at least a 10 YEAR commitment. 
SO PLEASE THINK LONG AND HARD BEFORE GETTING ONE. Please read this warning page and do your research on the breed.  
SHEDDING: can be quite heavy at times.
DROOL: usually ends up on floors, walls, furniture, clothing.
WATER: they drink gallons of fresh water daily some of it usually ends up on the floor. I recently got a Neater Feederoffered for purchase ) and I love it. It keeps most of the water contained and it is great for messy eaters.
BODILY FUNCTIONS: they burp, SNORE, and oh yea they fart too
EMOTIONS: they always want to be by their family and they are very sensitive.
COST: vaccinations are more expensive because of their size; food costs are a little higher too.
CHEWING: leaving puppies unsupervised may result in the chewing of remote controls, shoes, clothing, toys, cameras, cords, woodwork, wooden furniture, and walls.

So after all of the warnings you still want a mastiff then I congratulate you on a wise choice. A mastiff is the most loyal and loving dog you will ever have.
Ede's English Mastiffs    Iowa